Aerial Silks

A vertical apparatus that consists of two long fabrics rigged from a central point. Artists move through a combination of climbs, foot locks and wraps to create dance sequences while suspended in the air.


Aerial Hammock/Sling

A single aerial silk rigged as a loop from a single central point. Artists alternate between poses and sequenced wraps to move up and down the loop. Can be rigged from a lower height, and is ideal for champagne pouring services.

Bonnie Hooping.jpg


Artists manipulate lightweight plastic hoops into a dance flow on the ground.


Static Trapeze

A metal bar suspended by two ropes rigged to two separate points. Many moves translate from dance trapeze, but the apparatus remains static rather than spinning, making it ideal for duo work.


Aerial Rope

A vertical apparatus featuring one long rope. Like aerial silks, artists climb and wrap, but due to its minimalist nature, rope highlights strength moves and dynamic swings.


Lyra/Aerial Hoop

A circular metal hoop suspended by a rope-like connector (aka a span set). Artists flow around this apparatus via a series of poses, and the effect is maximized through spinning. Can be rigged from a lower height, and is ideal for champagne pouring services.

Veil Poi.jpg

Veil Poi

Artists manipulate a weighted ball connected to the hand by lightweight chains or ropes. For veil poi, long silks are attached to each weight to create a fanned effect where the fabric chases the movement of the



A single chrome pole fixed onto a solid floor base that can alternate between a static or spinning setting. Artists use climbs and
tension-based poses to create dance sequences. Ideal for settings with limited space available or unriggable ceilings


Lollipop Lyra

A metal hoop attached to a standing pole fixed to a solid floor base that can alternate between a static or spinning setting. This apparatus marries lyra and pole moves, so artists can incorporate poses, flows and climbs for both apparatuses. Ideal for settings with limited space available or unriggable ceilings, and a perfect choice for champagne pouring services.

Dance Trapeze

A metal bar suspended by two ropes rigged on a single central point. Like lyra, artists maneuver around the bar in a series of poses, but wraps and dynamic swings are also incorporated, all complemented by spinning. Can be rigged from a lower height.


Isis Wings

Isis Wings are used by our captivating dancers to express dance, movement, beauty, and grace. This beautiful prop is a great option for event spaces that do not support aerial performances.


Aerial Bartending

When giving your guests something a little special to drink, why not serve it in an extra special way?

Our professional and licensed aerial artists are a fabulous choice for any celebratory occasion, combining effortless acrobatic skill with oodles of charm. Suspended high above your guests, our artists perform and serve in aerial hammocks or lyras, as well as being available on a freestanding aerial hoop.

Not sure what type of act to book? Here is more information.

Ambient vs Main Event Acts

Each performance is hired as either an ambient act or main event act. An ambient act is suitable for events when guests are mingling/cocktail hours/etc and you want additional elements of entertainment happening around your guests. Ambient can occur for longer sets multiple times within an hour. A main event act is a choreographed high energy 4-6 minute act performed in front of the whole event. If you are wanting multiple main event acts within the hour, multiple performers will need to be booked.


We can perform aerial work in spaces that have suitable beams for rigging, or that have a large enough footprint for our portable rig or lollipop lyra stage. The beams of buildings will need to be assessed before the booking is confirmed. We have performed at many venues around Nashville, so there is a good chance that we will know if we are able to safely rig at your event! A lift will need to be acquired for us to rig before the event. If our portable rig is needed due to there not being beams that are safe, it requires a footprint of 23 ft x 26 ft for a height of 18.5 ft, and it requires a footprint of 21 ft x 19 ft for a height of 14.5 ft.

Portable Aerial Rig (Light the Nations 2018)

Portable Aerial Rig (Light the Nations 2018)

Mini-Shows or Full Productions Set to Your Theme

No matter what event you may be holding, we can develop a mini-show comprised of a few cohesive acts, or we can create a full blown production set to your specific theme! We have produced many shows that were created to celebrate grand openings, new exhibits, or to kick off an event season. You pick the theme, apparatuses, and explain your vision and we will make it happen! Here is a highlight reel from our mini-show for a Frist Friday to celebrate the opening of the Paris 1900-City of Entertainment exhibit: